Estelio features seven videos by Puerto Rican artist Mónica Félix (b. 1984). Translated into English, estelio is “stellium,” an astrological phenomenon in which three or more planets align under a single zodiac sign. In this virtual exhibition, the artist’s rich videography comes together for the first time, each individual work a star within a larger constellation. Throughout, Félix explores the entwined histories of femininity, migration, and colonialism—creatively navigating what she calls “los rincones comprometidos de esta vida viajera,” (“the compromised corners of this traveled life”).

The exhibition format is oriented by Estelio (Stellium), 2023, a sculptural reimagination—incorporating elements from the ocean, an important point of reference for Félix—of the artist’s own astrological birth chart, which links the seven videos assembled here, made between 2014 and 2023. These delicate marine objects, found materials from the coasts inhabited by the artist, highlight the current ecological crisis and, linking sea to sky, the fragile ecosystems that keep us alive.”

The Great Hall Exhibition at the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU

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